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Border Wars

“Nothing could be further from the truth” is the statement one makes when covering up the truth. It was Gov. Rick Perry’s response to charges he is militarizing the border by sending 1000 US National Guardsmen as a show of force against the children fleeing violence in Central America.

Gov. Rick Perry posed by a mounted machine gun at the Rio Grande with Sean Hannity as prop, his tough guy “mission accomplished” moment. He claims that over 3000 homicides committed in the state of Texas since 2008 was committed by illegal immigrants. I wonder if Gov. Rick Perry understands that he is an illegal immigrant.


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This is for my …

This is for my gun advocate friends. Is taking a life the only way to defend a life

Ogbeni Ayotunde

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Gun Nation

If the planet is waiting for Americans to come to a collective understanding that guns increases the  murder rate, chances are that hell will freeze over first before the 2nd Amendment. 

 The core fabric of America was founded on gun violence. The blood of millions of natives that was violently sacrificed and the blood of millions of Africans that was spilled for this land that is now your land cannot be erased by the fairy tales of Christian pilgrims coming here in peace.