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Igbo Chief

Igbo Chief by Jujufilms
Igbo Chief, a photo by Jujufilms on Flickr.

Igbo Chief @ Igbo New Yam Festival a yearly harvest by the Igbo people in early august at the end of the rainy season. Yams are usually the first crop harvested and a very important crop to the people. All yams from the previous years harvest are eaten or thrown away before the New Yam Festival a symbol of abundance from the new harvest.

The first yam is eaten by the oldest man or the Igwe of the kingdom. With offerings to the ancestors and gods.

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  2. interesting fellow.. Love this outfit. Good photo..

    1. Thank you

  3. The hat seems out of place. Is this traditional?

    1. You are right his hat is out of place a “cowboy chief” lol. He tried to standout. Good eye Doc

  4. Magnificent portrait!

    1. Thank you Maggie

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