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The Honorables

Senator Obanikoro
Senator Obanikoro Receiving An Award At Texas Southern University

Senator Obanikoro receiving the Texas Southern University Distinguished International Alumnus Award 2014 from President of the Texas Southern University, John M. Rudley on Friday 24th October 2014 at the Westin Galleria Hotel, 5060 West Alabama – Houston, Texas, United States of America (USA).

The Honorables

When Nigerian politicians add titles to their names and receive meaningless awards, they are setting the stage to run a scam. The Nigerian politician averages 3 titles mostly trumpeting their “profession”, so the Nigeria Television Authority and other Nigerian news outlets announce the VP as Architect Vice President Namadi Sambo, see how they called him an architect before vice president.

No self-respecting Nigerian politician is addressed by his or her given name; they buy honorary doctorate degrees from any two bits college and wear it like scrubs. There are the Engineer Senator Chief, Architect Doctor Senator, Engineer Otunba Senator you get the gist meanwhile no one is asking these honorable engineers and architects why we have no electricity and horrible infrastructure.

Brings me to this image and caption posted on Senator Obanikoro’s Facebook page, these thoughts crossed my mind. How much did he pay for this award? He is about to scam the people for a higher office and why is he getting his award at a hotel and not at the school campus auditorium?


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Border Wars

“Nothing could be further from the truth” is the statement one makes when covering up the truth. It was Gov. Rick Perry’s response to charges he is militarizing the border by sending 1000 US National Guardsmen as a show of force against the children fleeing violence in Central America.

Gov. Rick Perry posed by a mounted machine gun at the Rio Grande with Sean Hannity as prop, his tough guy “mission accomplished” moment. He claims that over 3000 homicides committed in the state of Texas since 2008 was committed by illegal immigrants. I wonder if Gov. Rick Perry understands that he is an illegal immigrant.


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Ted Cruz’s Father “I’d Like To Send’ Obama ‘Back to Kenya!’

Cuban immigrant Rafael Cruz father of Sen. Ted Cruz (Born in Canada) of Texas in a speech calls for President Obama be deported back to Kenya.