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Igbo Mother & Her Baby Girls (Picture of The Year 2013)

Igbo Mother & Her Baby Girls - Picture of The Year 2013

This is my second entry for picture of the year. I shot this image in Iheaka Village in Enugu State Nigeria. This image i believe captures the full essence of an Igbo mother. The natural and bold beauty of motherhood. Mother naturally passes this essence to her girls. Notice that mother and her girls are dressed in clothes made from the same fabric.

Ogbeni Ayotunde


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Yoruba Woman in Erin Oke, Osun, Nigeria. (Picture of The Year 2013)

Heading Home From Farm - Picture of The Year 2013

I am putting up two images for Picture of The Year 2013. This image of a Yoruba woman and her hunting dog heading home from a day of farming. The breathtaking backdrop is the forest covered valleys of  Erin Oke, Osun State, Nigeria@Ogbeni Ayotunde