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False Prophets

Some pastors in Nigeria claim they can cure Ebola, another unimaginative way to monetize misfortune. They prey on the poor and miseducated exploiting them for fame and fortune.

The Nigerian Federal Police and the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has just cause to arrest and prosecute these false prophets for fraud. Those who follow these false prophets blindly are not victims but Muguns.


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Too Much Praying

Cameroon is shutting down thousands of churches around the country as illegal enterprises that prey on the poor. They also regard these churches as a nuisance to their neighbors. Cameroon requires churches be registered and licensed by the state. Nigeria should take a clue from our neighbor, in Nigeria where every other living room, bar, buka or cybercafe is a church. Growing up in Nigeria I enjoyed the melodic calls to prayers by the mosques, then christians had bell ringers.

Back then the Christians felt the muslims were crude and a nuisance with the calls to prayers and praying 5 times a day wherever it was time for prayers. Nigerian churches now believe it is a shouting contest whomever makes the most noise gets the attention of God. They steady prey on the poor and uneducated population made possible by corrupt state and church institutions.

A pastor in Cameroon believed the government was persecuting them for praying too much, really, he probable does not understand that too much of a good thing can be bad for you and pulling God’s coat 24hrs a day isn’t going to get your prayers answered any faster. | Ogbeni Ayotunde

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If they know Go…

If they know God they won’t waste a lifetime preaching.

Ogbeni Ayotunde