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In The Name of God

Hundreds are violently murdered in the streets of Nigeria daily based on Islam a religion that was also violently enforced on us. These holy murders largely go unnoticed and covertly sanctioned by the western world. The images of the murder and beheading of a British soldier in broad day light in England was not only shocking but showed the world what Nigerians have been subjected to daily for years in the name of God.

Decades after the Christian Europeans enslaved and slaughtered Africans wholesale in the name of God. Islam has now taken the lead. I think the world is skeptical right about now when we continue to hear the same drumbeat of how peaceful Islam is in reality. The fundamentals of all religions is non-violence, tolerance and humanity

This is what I am saying Islam and Christianity is foreign to us Africans, both religions have been used for centuries to exploit and murder Africans all in the name of their God.

It is time for us Africans to pray to our own God.