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Government Chicken Boy

About 3 years ago Minister of Information Labaran Maku in a speech he gave to the Nigerian press core at the Nigerian Press Conference ordered the press to ignore Boko Haram as just a bunch of attention seekers.

But at the height of hypocrisy they are taking every available measures in protecting the president from Boko Haram, the terrorist group the Minister of Information ordered Nigerian journalists, the voice of the people to disregard Boko Haram as if they will run and hide in shame because they were ignored.

You see ignorant people think ignorance is as tool. Ignoring a disease doesn’t mean it will disappear. So the result of Goodluck Jonathan‘s ignorance emboldened Boko Haram to step up their crimes against humanity.

If Goodluck Jonathan believed in luck he would not hide behind the protection of all arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces and foreign agents then leave the Nigerians who believe in luck unprotected. Ogbeni Ayotunde