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School Playground In Ikoyi Lagos

The is Ikoyi Lagos State Nigeria, the most expensive real estate in Africa. In Ikoyi you have a wealth gathering of luxury homes, fast cars, fast boats and fast women.

Yet in their backyards children from the other side of the track play in a water logged school playground while attending classes in classrooms with no windows or doors. This mixed with the constant buzzing of electric generators of surrounding business choking the air with carbon and noise levels high enough to unnerve your favorite saint.

Footage shot from the 6th floor apartment of (Lenny Salewa Seriki)

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Air Pollution


Air Pollution
Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria


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The Curse of The Petrol

Foreign oil companies like Shell, Mobil- Exxon, British Petroleum, Chevron etc and their allies in the Nigerian political system have managed to pollute the Nigerian air and environment. Every home in Nigeria runs on gasoline or diesel fueled generators only using power from NEPA as a sorry subside. Greed has not allowed the Americans to publish the fact the all the hurricanes landing on their shores is generated right here in West Africa.

Sure enough Nigerians are now living with high rates of cancer in less than 30 years with damaged rivers, creeks, land and air.

Ogbeni Ayotunde