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Equal rights is not the same as human rights.

3 thoughts on “Equal rights is not the same as human rights.

  1. Equality is an abstract concept, human rights are a collection of abstract concepts which are then used to form law.

    Equality is one of the core abstract concepts found in human rights law i.e. equality before the law. Abstract ideas are different from law but you don’t get one without the other.

    An abstract idea is not a human but what are we without such things?

    1. True

  2. Donald Trump escaped the draft due to the fact that he had a serious medical issue that affected his long term ability to walk. Yet he is now fit enough to be both president and comander in chief.

    The observation that in this debate participants on both sides may hold abstract ideas that are complicated and seem almost contradictory is simply to note its conducted by humans.

    Its the reason we invented and developed a legal system, to deal with this aspect of our nature.

    The law can seem deaf, dumb and blind to our desires. It is easy to forget why that is so.

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