My observation is people on the East Coast of America live in the real world, they are not defined by mansions and fancy cars. On the other hand people on the West Coast live in Disneyland, where you will find the phoniest people driving fancy cars.

So this time around in Los Angeles, I decided to walk and use the metro to get around, in no time I could hear the careless whispers of how broke I must be, walking the streets of LA and taking the metro.

I know this dude who came around my studio driving a different luxury car everyday, ok so I give, I asked him why he had so many cars? By now he could tell I was irritated and unimpressed by his display so in his attempt to turn the tables on me he called me irresponsible for not driving and that taking the metro was beneath me. He said I was cheap for not registering the car I have sitting in the driveway.

What if I had a meeting in Long Beach, how would I get there or what if I had to be somewhere in a hurry how would I get there. He bragged about owning 23 cars. 23 cars? am thinking what a baboon wasting all that money on registration fees, taxes, parking tickets, mechanics and gas for his gas guzzlers not to mention the aggravating stress of having to drive 23 cars.

Not that my response would have made any difference to him but why am I trying to get somewhere fast in a luxury car and why do I need 23 of them to get me there?

I am sure back in his hometown in Nigeria there are children going hungry everyday. He claims to be a car collector, who collects late model cars?….. Raga – @OgbeniAyotunde