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The wild wild west.

You see any American can walk into any gun shop and buy military grade assault weapons that spits 30 rounds in 10 seconds. Just as easy as buying a loaf of bread from your local Food4Less market.

These are the same assault weapons American lawmakers refuse to sell to the Nigerian Army to fight Boko Haram. @OgbeniAyotunde

3 thoughts on “The wild wild west.

  1. Hey Jujufilms, Russia, China, Germans, UK and the Swiss make weapons.
    Imagine how silly that sounds.
    Nigeria cannot fight a bogus group like Boko haram because it does not even have assault rifles and it’s master, the US wont’t allow it?

    1. True, but if America does not want to sell you weapons they make sure other countries fall inline. Remember Goodluck claimed he tried to buy weapons through a pastor with a private jet filled with millions of dollars cash, in South Africa, from an unlicensed arms dealer.

  2. @ebolainfo – FACT: any where on this planet where people hate each other for WHATEVER will find WASHINGTON selling weapons to both sides..NO COUNTRY on this planet COMES close to selling the amount of weapons/guns to people who hate each other than, let’s stop arguing about semantics and stick with THE FACTS

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