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Lagos Nigeria.

Agbara Lagos

Agbara, Lagos State Nigeria.


2 thoughts on “Lagos Nigeria.

  1. Hey JJ – I saw today a picture of a University campus in Nigeria, one of many – and i ask myself – where are Your pics of non-traditional, non-subsistence entepreneurship? These graduates MUST be employed somewhere, no? The campus looked good, my friend. Any chance of a request?

    1. We have some legendary universities in Nigeria, University of Nigeria Nsukka where the late Professor Chinua Achebe (Things Fall Apart) was a lecturer. University of Lagos, University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Ibadan where Professor Wole Soyinka was a lecturer. As a kid growing up in Ibadan I would see him around town very often, he is also a family friend.

      Bruce the problem as you can plainly see and pointed out is that everyone wants to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer or architect so there are lots of doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers doing menial jobs or get lucrative civil service jobs.

      A trending and very lucrative job is a pastoral job believe me Bruce it is corporate franchising and entrepreneurship 400.

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