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Bird in Erin Oke

Can you identify this bird native to the forests and valleys of Erin Oke in Osun State Nigeria?


5 thoughts on “Bird in Erin Oke

  1. I liked the blur in your background. I’m just starting to do that with Snapseed app. I have a blog post planned about it.

    1. Thanks Janice, could you post the link when you publish?

      1. Hi,
        You and I are like-minded bloggers which is why I searched the photography tag at WordPress. I already have many photography posts on my site.
        However, I don’t know when I’ll be publishing my Snapseed article. I’d like an example for each filter which could take me a while to collect.
        I’d like to encourage you to subscribe to my blog. That way, you will be Emailed the second all my photography posts publish.
        I also offer incentives like access to a link swap group where you could meet other like-minded bloggers and an exclusive Pinterest board. We have over 100 pinners–lots of exposure for your amazing photography.

      2. Thank you kindly Janice, will do.

      3. I will look forward to that.

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