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Igbo Mother

Igbo Mother in Iheaka Village Enugu

Igbo Mother & Her Babies.
Iheaka Village, Enugu State Nigeria.



4 thoughts on “Igbo Mother

  1. Where is the other baby? I only see one. At first I thought that was a very brightly painted building in the back. Then I thought, wait, is it material stretched out horizontally? Then I got it. Mattresses! It must not rain much there.

    1. Peace Life, she is carrying her other baby on her back. I shot this in March during the dry season in Nigeria.

      1. Did you do two shots of her? I’m sure I’ve seen this before but seems like you could see the baby on her back in the other one. I may just be remembering incorrectly. Have they found the runaway yet so they can bury the king?

      2. Yes I did shoot several angles so you must have seen the one with her other baby on her back visible. The whole process of the Ooni’s burial is still very shrouded in mystery. Will take some time and talking to the right people to get the truth. I have some trusted people in Ife am talking to.

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