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Natural Selection

Careers not money driven like teachers, farmers, musicians, artists, nurses, comedians, garbagemen tend to attract peaceful types unlike bankers, doctors, politicians, police, accountants, lawyers, and mobsters which attract money driven criminal types. – @OgbeniAyotunde


9 thoughts on “Natural Selection

  1. Hmm… I think any career can be money-driven

    1. Most don’t get into teaching as a way of making millions.

      1. That’s true. But you can look at it from another point of view. Some people enter teaching as a last resort, not because it’s their passion or training but because it’s the only option available. I was taught by some such teachers who were obviously uninterested in the job. And I’m sure a lot of people can testify to such. In this scenario, money is the motivation. The same can be said of so many other occupations. This is what I mean when I say any career can be money-driven.

      2. It’s very possible to be a banker with a genuine mission to make the world a better place by improving economic policies, and at the same time be a musician who sings just for the money and fame, yes? It might not be commonplace or whatnot, but a career is what the individual makes of it.

    2. No doubt I get your meaning and you are right about that, today economics determines our “career choice”. What I am getting at is the “natural persuasion”, naturally people that gravitate towards these careers are not about the money. Today teaching is still a very underpaid career even though it is one that shapes future minds.

      The teachers you mentioned above would have taken jobs as policemen or bankers if they could get it, to them it is making a living by any means possible. Generally we are suckered into giving passes to pastors and such as noble careers not money driven, wouldn’t you say that is one career choice that attracts the criminal types?

    3. Banking is one of the most dishonorable careers known to man. Banks have financed most wars, slavery, genocide, holocaust and most evil known to man has the hand of a banker. Are you aware of how the US Federal Reserve Bank operates?

      It is absolute fantasy to think that a banker is some kind of Robin Hood there to make economic policies that benefits the world. If you believe that then you must not understand the basis of capitalism.

      Did Jay Z and Dr Dre making billions change them from their original natural selection? To quote true artists “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, CREAM” Wu Tan Clan

      1. I hear you. The point I’m trying to make is that there is no one-size-fits-all formula to the career question. Banking may be a fundamentally ‘bad’ career (and for the record I do not see bankers as Robin Hoods o 😀 ) but that doesn’t apply to ‘all’ bankers. And with people like Jay Z and Dr Dre, how can I say? I have no idea what choices they may have made for purely commercial reasons.
        I do see your point about some careers being more likely to attract ‘criminal types’; but I don’t believe that excludes any career. For instance, if nurses suddenly can find some way to swindle a lot of cash out of their jobs, the ‘criminal’ types will flood the profession (aside: and to be honest, of your list of ‘good’ careers, nursing was actually the one I could find least fault with. Oh and I find it interesting that you split the medical profession in 2: nurses as good, and doctors as bad).
        And on the pastor issue, can you remember the saying, “as poor as a church rat”? Historically ‘pastors’ were at the bottom of the societal money chain; especially before religious institutions began to abuse power in the name of Jesus. But because some men have successfully exploited people, such ‘criminal’ types have began to use the faith as a path to easy money.
        I hope you get what ‘m trying to say. Like I said I completely get your point. The issue I have is the generalisation. I have found that when we begin to generalise issues, errors somehow come into the mix.

      2. Another scenario just popped into my mind: the current music industry scene in Nigeria. I would say there has been a high influx of people in that industry in recent times. I look back to the days of Daddy Showkey, I don’t think there were this many people interested in it. But it seems like when people like Tu Face showed hat you could actually make a living (a generous one at that) in the industry. Now, this is not to say that there aren’t honest only-for-the-artistry musicians out there. But I guess we could possibly attribute the increase to other factors as well. Haven’t really thought it out, to be honest.

    4. I definitely get your meaning generalizing tends to be absolute which is why I phrased it as natural selection. I split the healthcare industry cause nurses are hardly in management positions giving them the ability to embezzle money. One who is in the field by natural selection is not even thinking about getting rich through that.

      On the other hand doctors become a threat to society as soon as they graduate medical school saddled with hundreds of thousands in student loans they have no choice but to make paper chase priority one. In America the majority of doctors are nothing more than licensed dope pushers pimped by the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. In Nigeria everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer or hustlers, money driven careers.

      How many Nigerians go to college to study the arts? I believe the Nigerian government’s way of instilling humanity in our young graduates through the NYSC program is great, teaching humanity in a capitalist world.

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