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King Muhammadu Baba of Ushafa

Muhammadu Baba King of Ushafa

Hon Isa Dara Bwari (House of Representative candidate under APC) delegation pay a courtesy visit to King Muhammadu Baba of Ushafa Village.


9 thoughts on “King Muhammadu Baba of Ushafa

  1. What’s the difference between an emir and a king? Does the king fall beneath an emir?

    1. Emir is a title of high office used in the Arab world. It translates to general, commander or prince. In Hebrew it is Hemir which also translates to commander or chief. Emir is the term used in Northern Nigeria and Obas in Southern Nigeria.

      1. Thanks…., so where does the king featured in the pic fit in the ranking system? I know there’s an Emir per state (Sokoto, Kano etc). Is there then a king per village in one state? How does that work?

      2. Dude looks like a lady!

    2. Bwari Kingdom is a unique kingdom with two kings. It has existed with two kings since its founding in the 17th century by migrant hunters from Zaria. King Muhammadu Baba is the king of Ushafa Village and Rev Musa Iyah the king of Jigo in Bwari Kingdom (will publish a picture of him shortly).

      The capital of Nigeria was relocated to this area due in part to the cooperative and peaceful nature of the people. Their land today is part of the federal capital territory. Statehood is a colonial concept Africans have always lived in kingdoms and empires so their are no state kings, emirs or chiefs. There is over 500 sub ethnic groups, languages and cultures in Nigeria each having their own form of traditional rulers . The major ethnic groups like the Igbos have Igwe, Obi, Chief etc the Yorubas have Oba, Otunba etc the Hausa/Fulani have Emir, Sarduana (an Arab and muslim influence).

      I guess the top kings and emirs in Nigeria will include the Ooni of Ife, Emir of Kano and Sokoto, Oba of Benin, Alafin of Oyo, Olubadan of Ibadan and so on.

      1. Thank you…! I love learning these things. I just made the hausa/fulani connecion because of the way this king was dressed. It looks similar to the way the emirs dress. Thanks again..:-)

    3. Thanks for asking.

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