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Roadside Market, Kpoko Village, Benue, Nigeria.

Roadside Market Kpoko

Gari & Fufu
Roadside Market in Kpoko Village
Benue State Nigeria


6 thoughts on “Roadside Market, Kpoko Village, Benue, Nigeria.

  1. You have such incredible photos are you planning a coffee table book? This would be such a wonderful conversation starter. Really amazing peek into the cultures and daily lives. Thanks so much for posting.

    1. Thank you . I am very much interested in publishing a coffee table book. I have been approached with the idea. Would you be interested in publishing?

      1. I am not in that field but I certainly hope you find a wonderful publisher and I am sure you will do wonderfully in terms of sales. (send a copy to Obama! Can you imagine it being on a coffee table at the White House???????) Seriously !!!!! I’m sure he would put it on display!

      2. Thank you so much.

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