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Langa Langa Bridge

Langa Langa Bridge

Langa Langa Bridge
Langa Langa Nasarawa State Nigeria


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  1. Question young henry, how much of the nigerian infrastructure, bridges and such are courtesy of the british colonialist?

    1. Most likely all except a couple of new airports, 3rd Mainland bridge and the federal capital Abuja, most of Nigeria’s infrastructure is in the bank accounts and private business of corrupt politicians (for some reason corruption and politicians are interchangeable words) and their cronies. Take the oil subsidy scam for instance.

      1. ah yes, the oil money – funny how that ‘trickle down’ theory seems to have lost it’s way to the people after stopping by the ‘tribal’ elders pockets isn’t it?

      2. Triple OG ah yes “trickle down economics” from the “Mitt Romney School of Economics” sorry to disappoint you Baba it does not trickle down

    2. Oh btw your road dog Goodluck got probably $20b to $30b richer since becoming president of Nigeria. When the president of the Central Bank sounded the alarm of $20b missing he fired him and tried to rope him into Boko Haram. Infrastructure money

      1. sounds like my boy, he apparently believed things are going his way, hence he’s out and about in “enemy” territory shaking hands, reassuring grannys and kissing babies (at least those not yet killed by his ineptitude) so yeah, his money is in save hands in Geneva/London/New York, okay, so a ‘little money’ goes missing from the Nigerian economy, eh

      2. Goodluck and his cronies living in a fools paradise

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    Funny old refurbishing Rail system in Nigeria. The Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Agenda Called LANGA-LANGA TRAIN TRANSPORTATION RAPID RAIL

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