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Roast Corn (Street Food)

Roast Corn

Woman selling roast corn in Abuja Nigeria


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  1. I find myself lost totally in thought when viewing your ‘visions’ of Nigerian life, the thoughts and verbiage we threw around back in the day (the ‘kids’ refer to me as an ‘O.G.’) about ” mother Africa” and how while we may find ourselves in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and other places in the American South, the umbilical cord is u severed. Your poignant and illustrative depictions of your place on earth are rewarding, reflective and deeply appreciated. Nice to know that even if – as we are constantly bombarded with here in “God Bless America” – the whole of the continent is being cannibalized and blown to bits by savage savages, totally ill equipped to rule themselves without the care and protection of the “great white fathers” (okay that last bit from a movie about Custer and Sitting Bull, but you get my drift) the contrary is so much like life in Missouri: “each one teach one” and brother looking out for brother. Cool, even the food remains the same, my grandmother (Jamaican heritage) prepared corn like this, yep you remind this old ass how wonderful ignorant life used to be! Thank you for that

    1. Thank you so kindly brother I truly appreciate you. You are right it is our strong sense of “each one teach one” and “it takes a village” that has kept the African race today. I roamed the deep south and there you find the deep rooted African culture still very much alive.

      Charles Barkley, Pharrell and the new black movement who believe Mike Brown had it coming, ok so did Eric Garner deserve to die at the hands of NYPD for selling loose cigarettes? Black vision is totally different from your average white Tell I Vision.

      1. you know what seriously sad (probably you do, but i’ll tell you anyway – damnit, it’s a privilege of age – ) Rumain Brisbon age 34, shot and killed by police in Phoenix, after cop said (said) he was reaching in his pocket for something – turned out to be a cigarette lighter – cop said it felt like a pistol to him!, too bad the “news media” doesn’t see fit to show this one – what, just another day in America or something? -Pharrell, Barkley, the “escapees” from “urban” America, the people who are only “black” when they want us to buy something they’re pimping (and pimping for who) niggah please, stay away from my sight

    2. How about Officer Timothy Loehmann of Cleveland PD who jumped out of his patrol car to shoot and kill a 12yr old child playing with a toy gun and 137 rounds fired at 2 black people in a car. The Feds scatting report of the Cleveland PD tells us what we already know the American justice system is crap.

      When a citizens shots and kills another he is immediately jailed and tried but when the police kill they go through a grand jury that always decide. not to prosecute. So now that we all know George Zimmerman is nuts and we have a justice system that never convicts any white man for killing black men, women and children. Now what?

      1. Well, one thing I know for sure, you never ever ask the opinion of anybody who appears on a television program to “discuss” the issue. They will only spout what they feel the people who book/control them want to hear – one interesting exception would be Michael eric dyson – personally, I refuse to believe it’ll get any better any time soon, and/or in the f’king future. Why? Because the citizens of this country would have it no other way!

  2. I just Love your photos.

  3. I forgot, brother brisbon was unarmed (of course) and has been branded (fair or not, but obviously) as a drug dealer – he was after all driving a late model Cadillac Escalade and well, you know, why else would he be parked outside a 7-11. Oh yeah, what the officer felt in his pocket (what he claimed was the handle of a pistol) was in reality oxycoton. Reckon it’s also against the law in Phoenix to be black, driving an Escalade, parking up outside a 7-11 and have oxycoton in your pocket! Psst, they did find a piston in the car – later – so you know, he was “armed” and Mike Brown “bulked up” and RAN towards the cop who was firing (POINT BLANK) at him as well, his hands were definitely not up, and Tamir Rice was told (within 3 seconds after the cop drove up no less) to stop, and you know don’t move or we’ll shoot your little ass dead on the spot, meanwhile – even tho our (super smart and glorious leader) der Führer Obama wants cameras on every policeman in America, so we’ll know what they do. Meanwhile, back in the “real world” video evidence SHOWS brother Garner being CHOKED dead, the grand jury said with out any hint of the laughter they must have shared “we have no proof a crime was committed. What a f’king joke the american justice system is (as Richard Pryor famously said – regarding the system – and jails back in the day: “why do we call it justice? simple when you go to jail the only people you see there is: just-us!) I’m beginning to hate Orenthal James Simpson, before that brother was acquitted, we at least were given the benefit of the doubt, now, hell we don’t even get to court! Screw the glove not fitting, anyway stay safe and thank your lucky stars you live in Nigeria, where the only thing you have to worry about is being blown up by “bad guys” Peace

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