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Carter Bridge 1963

Carter Bridge 1963
View of Carter Bridge Lagos Nigeria 1963.
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Publisher | United Nations Press Photo.

7 thoughts on “Carter Bridge 1963

  1. ah yes, the “good old days” of colonialist splendor! If only Goodluck had this going for him now! History, what a load of rubbish, to often glanced at with wishful eyes – then again, maybe things actually WERE better then

    1. My dad was an amateur photographer and documentary filmmaker in Nigeria in the 50’s through the 80’s. He travelled the country shooting whatever on 3mm camera and his CANON. When he came home from his travels he would give us a special viewing through his projector. The moving images of the countryside and people, the Lagos night lights like NY city. Footages he could not develop in his darkroom he sent to England with a week turn around.

      You see things worked and WERE better then. The British left behind solid infrastructures we could have built on, (In Ibadan where I grew up we had a town planning office where you filed your building plans for permits and code inspections) they also left us with a bad case of Colonial Mentality, mixed with black gold you can see the end result. You have a guy in Goodluck who believes that walking miles to school without shoes makes him unique amongst the millions.

      Then that Colonial Mentality which Fela defines as once being a slave man now you have been set free but you haven’t set yourself free. So they steal billions from the Central Bank borrow billions from the Chinese and export the looted funds to shore up European and American banks and economy. They steal for their masters.

      1. As in history, my brother, the more things change, the more they remain the same! Ah the British, “God bless ’em”!

    2. We can pin point with laser accuracy when corruption as we know it today started in Nigeria. It started with one MKO Abiola, ITT and the Americans. The same ras that your boy Goodluck renamed the renowned University of Lagos UNILAG after.

      1. Down on Goodluck, the more I read on him and his past the more like “bad-luck” he appears

  2. In the photo it seems like there were not street hawkers. I personally do not know the true history of your beloved Nigeria, but from this photo compared to your personal photos one can see a marked difference in the appearance of the well being of the people.

    1. Population explosion has a lot to do with it. Lagos state has a population of about 20mil which is about the population of Ghana.

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