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Cotonou Benin.

Market Scene in Cotonou Republic of Benin
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  1. It is so clever to be able to carry things on your head. I LOVE the expression on the lady to the left’s face….maybe she didn’t want her photo taken 🙂

    1. Lol she was trying to figure out why this dude is shooting random pictures.

  2. Typical African market. Could pass for any market in Southeast, Nigeria.

  3. Judging by the ‘approving’ stares you – and that damn canon of yours – seem to generate/capture I’m thinking your occupation is like unpopular to some degree. Are you in any way considered an agent of the ‘state’?

    1. Baba I have been considered that , a foreign agent and worse lol. I like to blend in when shooting and not be the subject or a distraction to a natural sequence of events which is sometime had to do with tattoos and such, (when am in my zone am so focused that the sky could be falling on me and it would not matter) I must say this has mostly worked in my favor. But then again it has worked against me on a few occasions. I a frequent guest of Nigerian jails while working, the last time for 6 days with my now good friends at the NDLEA.

      I am more accepted funny enough in the north and by the muslims, than in the south with my own people where I have been confronted many times by street gangs and an elder at the Yoruba Tennis Club, he let me have it for “desecrating” my body with tattoos and ear rings right in the middle of me shooting a video of a Nuhu Ribadu’s speech. Lol one of my many funny out takes.

  4. You are a good photographer, capturing life and facial attitudes with elegance and grace. For me, tattoos are not pretty, but I was never a raving beauty either. I am thankful God sees the heart instead of the outside. I am thankful that God has no prejudice. He is only against people who reject the precious price of the blood of His dear Son as the only acceptable payment for sin. He’s God. He has the right to decide which door will allow us entrance into heaven. He only made one, and that is Jesus. It was the best way He could show the great depths of love He (God) has for us.

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