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Ode family grandchildren
Iheaka Village
Enugu State Nigeria


10 thoughts on “Grandchildren

  1. i don’t know, maybe i’m a tad naïve, but at first glance I thought they were your grandkids! very sweet group of young’uns my man, nice

    1. Thanks brother, they are the nieces and nephews of my driver. We stopped in his village and family home on our way to Nnewi to document Ojukwu’s funeral.

      1. “my driver”? oye vay, my mind is doing such ‘terrible things’ now, i’ll just walk away with the thought in mind that you’re doing far better than I and for that I salute you!

    2. Lol driving in Nigeria can be an adventure with the bad roads, crazy drivers and such, as one gets older in this world of multitasking a driver becomes a necessary employee.

      1. ah, but wouldn’t it be nice if one could employ such a person here in san francisco, then the occasional (hell, the multiple) plymouth and noilly prat concotions – with olive – would be a more than frequent delight (and yes, I do have the number of yellow-cab)

      1. okay, I totally understand!

  2. They are stunningly beautiful!!

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