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Street hawking garden eggs in Suleja, Nigeria.

Garden Eggs

Street hawking garden eggs
Suleja Niger State Nigeria


12 thoughts on “Street hawking garden eggs in Suleja, Nigeria.

  1. Lovely shot with the vibrant foreground color against the muted sky & mountain.

    1. Thank you, that is Zuma Rock one of two monoliths in Nigeria

      1. It’s an impressive backdrop.

      2. It is impressive

      3. The monolith in the backdrop is several miles away.

  2. You hooked me with your title and I had to see what the post was about! Are garden eggs a fruit or a vegetable?

    1. Thanks Celia, garden eggs also known as Eggplant is a fruit classified under vegetables.

  3. Eaten with ‘ose-oji’ ( a savoury peanut butter paste)…bliss!

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