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The Nigerian Mind

One might conclude the reason Boko Haram is running helter skelter in Nigeria is because Nigeria does not have an armed citizenry. Arming the citizens is not the solution just an increase in body count. For decades the system disarmed the minds of the people resulting in a population comfortable been ruled by a few misfits. They live with the idea that someday their masters will set them free, so they become beggars not fighters. Nigeria’s core problem is a miseducated population ruled by a corrupt government praying to the gods of their oppressors as their Lord and Savior in the process pissing on the graves of their ancestors. @OgbeniAyotunde



3 thoughts on “The Nigerian Mind

  1. What is worse, the major powers of the world have divvied up the countries, like Nigeria, and propped up these governments for political purposes, while the people suffer. And the greatest victims are the children.

    1. You are absolutely right children are always the victims. I grew up in a Nigeria where there is a systematic effort in destroying basic education by the ruling class who send their own children to the best schools abroad.

      It is not unusual to find a college student spending 8 years to obtain a 4 year degree due in part to open ended strikes either by faculty or students seeking improvements and better infrastructure. Children street hawking before and after school so they can afford a meal. Now we have Boko Haram terrorizing children.

  2. The predation of Africa, and of Nigeria and the Congo in particular, by so-called democratic, ‘civilized’ nations is a moral outrage.

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