Labu (Kuli Kuli Paste) 

Kuli Kuli is a Hausa snack food that is primarily made from groundnuts. It is a popular snack food throughout Nigeria. It can be eaten alone or with a combination of gari, sugar and water, this is popularly called “gari soaking”.

Kuli Kuli is also eaten with koko, fura, akamu, and is sometimes ground and used as a salad, suya and kilishi mix. Kuli Kuli is made with roasted groundnuts ground into a paste called “Labu”, then mixed with spices, salt and ground pepper if desired.

The paste is stripped of excess oil using water, and hand rolled into the desired shape. The oil removed through this process is heated and used to fry the Kuli Kuli.

Kuli Kuli served as the inspiration for the US based nutritional food company Kuli Kuli that sells moringa based nutritional bars in Northern California and Nevada.