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African Yams

African Yams

African Yams | Nasarawa Eggon Market Nasarawa State Nigeria | #JujuFilms #AfricanYams #Nigeria #EggonMarket #Nasarawa

5 thoughts on “African Yams

  1. Yams is great for brewing! I have made yams wine, it is very good!

    1. Wow I have never tried that, are you able to share your recipe?

      1. You will need a 5L container with a cork and airlock for this.


        5L of water
        1.5 of sugar
        1.5 of chopped yams
        Juice and zest of one lemon
        Wine yeast

        Boil everything for one hour. Pour it in the container, cool to room temperature and add the yeast. Close with the cork and airlock and let it ferment for 10 days. Use a syphon and transfer it to bottles. Make sure to leave the sediment behind created by the fermentation. You will know what I mean when the fermentation is over! Leave it fermentation in a dark, cool place.


      2. Thank you.

  2. i can’t trade our yam for any yankee food oo……..roasted yam with palm oil all the way…lol

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