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Google This

Silly how people would ask you to google ” it” to prove their point. Like google has the final word

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8 thoughts on “Google This

  1. Excellent perception! I agree! To add, Google blocks any resistance/freedom of thought, to the “regime” lol

  2. You have a point. However, google images helped me win a bet this past week and I got free coffee all week long.

  3. I just had the same argument about something I had posted yesterday. It was something that questioned the Christian bible, and what it says. I got a few responses that were clearly given by a Google search. I laughed at that because people will put everything in the trust of Google and the internet.

    1. That’s no coincidence, most people see google as the new god.. :/ did too ever notice how similar these two words are?

      1. Ha, they are very similar. But, God spelled backwards is Dog. I ask my dog the questions of life 😀

  4. And, cough/choke, Wikipedia. Sigh. ….

  5. And, ya have to ban the phone from the house to play “Trivial Pursuit”!

  6. Google is handy certainly, but my scientist other half says it sorts responses according to your previous searches. He uses duckduckgo as well.

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