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The transfer fe…

The transfer fee to send $2000 by Western Union to El Salvador is $8.50 to send the same $2000 to Nigeria is $51. How much Western Union makes from Nigerians on transfer and exchange fees is classified. To think they label Nigerians fraud-stars.

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Ogbeni Ayotunde

4 thoughts on “The transfer fe…

  1. OMG! Thats so bad! That’ll mean that people don’t even wanna put money there as it’s so expensive! Making the poor poorer!

  2. It would be classified, now wouldn’t it. Hahaha … (B. shakes head)

  3. PayPal has come to rescue us. Lets see how it goes when we start using it

  4. I remember sending money to Madagascar from Canada once and the fees were absolutely outrageous. Nothing like adding another tax to those who have so little already. Honestly, Western Union is a diabolical company that ONLY focuses on their shareholders interests. Their customers, be damned!

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