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Igbo Woman

Iheaka Village | Enugu State

Female Motorcyclist
Iheaka Village, Enugu State Nigeria


4 thoughts on “Igbo Woman

  1. Excuse me, Mr. …films, forgive me but I’m most curious. I’ve being following your posts for a year now and I just must ask. Is it that you travel all around Nigeria to take pictures of what you think light skin people who will never have the privilege of visiting Nigeria will find interesting, or do you just happen to have a job that makes you find yourself in different parts of Nigeria? If the latter, what do you do for income? If the former, why haven’t you being fired yet seeing that you spend more time taking pictures than doing your job?
    Then again there is another option, perhaps you are a business owner with competent employees and therefore a lot of free time on your hands.
    I know I’m been intrusive but I’ve just been wondering about it. Could you clear the matter up for me?
    That being said, your efforts are admirable because it promotes foreign interest in Nigeria from a non-political angle.

    1. Thanks for your comments and inquiry Alfred. I am a documentary filmmaker, photography and music producer. Capturing Nigeria through my lens is one of my on going projects. Ayotunde

      1. Dear Mr. Ayotunde,
        You’ve put my ponderings to rest.
        Well, I wish you the best in all your endeavors. I certainly enjoy this one.

        Yours Sincerely,
        Alfred Benjamin King.

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