Epinmi Akoko - Ondo State by Jujufilms
Epinmi Akoko – Ondo State, a photo by Jujufilms on Flickr.

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Akoko comprises about 40 small towns, predominantly situated in rocky areas of Ondo state. The rocky terrain nevertheless, may have helped the region to become a melting pot of sorts with different cultures coming from the north, eastern and southern Yoruba towns and beyond. Akoko became one of the few Yoruba clans with no distinctive local dialect of their own. Major Akoko settlements include Ikare, Oka, Oba, Ikun, Arigidi, Ogbagi, Okeagbe, Ikaram, Ibaram,Iyani, Akungba, Erusu, Ajowa, Akunu, Gedegede, Isua, Auga, Ikakumo, Supare, Epinmi, Ipe, Ifira, Ise, Iboropa, Irun, Afin, Igashi, Sosan, Ipesi, Etioro, Ayegunle and Oyin. In addition to this group, there are several other autonomous communities.

Akoko is popularly known as the home of education and has the second largest number of professors in the country, with the Ekiti taking the lead.

Ikare Akoko is the biggest city in the Akoko area. It has an I.C.T resource center where its people have the opportunity to connect to and communicate with other individuals across the country and around the world. In addition, the city also has the largest number of cybercafes in the Akoko area. Also another big and well known general Hospital is being located in Ipe Akoko, and a big secondary school Ipe High School. #JujuFilms