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Dog Locked In A Minivan in San Fernando Valley California

I heard a dog barking but figured it was coming from the backyard of a home. It was one of those barks of a dog trying to get someone’s attention. I realized this little dog was stuck in this minivan with all the windows rolled up in hot San Fernando Valley California.

I wasted no time videoing. Ran around looking for the owner, security or police. This whole process must have taken another 20 minutes after I discovered the dog. A security guard helped and here comes the owner cup of Starbucks coffee in hand upset at the security guard and I for messing with his car and dog.

5 thoughts on “Dog Locked In A Minivan in San Fernando Valley California

  1. Oh God! What a moron! People do this with babies too. Must have been so upsetting for you. I forget how quickly a small baby or dog can die in a hot, closed car, very quickly. Upsetting~

    1. Hey Cindy, this guy was actually upset that we tried to help his dog. The security guard told me of a lady that left a 3 month old baby in the car. He called the police who arrested the lady. Lady turns around and sues his security company.

      1. That is what is so unbelievable…you try to help someone (or their pet or child) and they get mad at you for it. Kudos to you for doing the right thing!

  2. The security guard should have called the real police – break the window out and save the dog then that person would have learned a lesson….and not at the expense of the dog.

  3. 🙁 so sad and unforgivable !

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