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The Nigerian Child Bride


Senator and former governor of Zamfara State Alhaji Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima has put forward a bill in the senate to legalize marriage with a thirteen year old child and very likely a dirty old man thereby legalizing child abuse in broad daylight in 2013. Coming from a  culture, religious and belief system where the consumption and trade in alcohol can draw a death sentence and “adultery” same by public stoning for the woman.

Nigerians say otherwise what do you say.
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18 thoughts on “The Nigerian Child Bride

  1. Keep on being a voice…thank you for following my blog. Do you know if there is a petition at places like we can sign when we are in Canada?? Oliana Kim

    1. Thanks Oliana, I am using my blog as a platform to send our voice to the Senate Leader David Mack.

  2. this is a crime. It must not be passed. We need to protect the children and young women. In harmony,Barbara

    1. Thank you Barbara

  3. child brides are human slavery personified. There is a WAR ON WOMEN

  4. I hope this bill gets struck down. Children need to be protected, not married off to old men who will abuse them!!

  5. I can’t believe they would even consider legalizing child marriage. Seriously!!!!

  6. thanks ,this is so crazy ,if we the people can’t stand up to these governments we are doomed ,or at least the most vulnerable kids will be ,this to me is organized paedophilia ,it must stop children deserve so much better , we should all be protesting like other parts of the world after all we are the power we are the voice ,to do nothing is to condone legal rape and paedophilia

  7. Child marriage should not be legal ANYWHERE.

  8. The whole world must rise up against the nigeiran child bride.

  9. Keep up the good work bro and thanks for checking out my blog. Follow this link to sign a petition against such an evil bill.

  10. I would love to know how this turns out! I am saddened for these children who are at the mercy of a government like this!.

  11. a great platform to voice the general CORRECT consensus.

  12. It sounds like this senator may have his eye in some children himself, to even think this is okay. How can a country progress when the idea of exploiting the future of the country is even taken seriously. The daughter of Anwar Sadat, former Egyptian leader, was married off to one of her father’s friends at twelve. She never forgave him for that and wrote about it in her memoir.

  13. I voted. No. Thanks for following my blog and good luck with your work!

    1. Thank you

  14. Keep up your work, disgusting laws have to be fought wherever they are

    1. Thank you

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