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Nuhu Ribadu In Lokoja

Nuhu Ribadu In Lokoja by Jujufilms
Nuhu Ribadu In Lokoja, a photo by Jujufilms on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Am under no illusion that one man can solve Nigeria’s problem of political corruption, which unfortunately has been used to define the culture of 175 million people. That said there is no better man to address the iproblem of political corruption than Nigeria Anti Corruption Czar Nuhu Ribadu, the founding Chairman of the EFCC who refused a $15m bribe from former Delta state governor James Ibori and from many other corrupt politicians. Nuhu Ribadu’s loyalty to Nigeria would eventually result in several assassination attempts on his life.
I followed Nuhu Ribadu around the country during the last presidential election in Nigeria as a documentary filmmaker and a friend. I witnessed first hand how corrupt the whole system is. How they tried to make him reject his life record of honesty and integrity to present a distorted version to the electorate as one of them, a rat. Any other politician faced with such pressure would have easily buckled under.

Notes: On a late night road trip from Abuja to Enugu to visit Dim. Chukeuemeka Ojukwu we stopped for refreshments while Nuhu Ribadu spends time speaking with the children and locals of Lokoja.

Tolu Jinadu / Dr. Sunny Ugochukwu

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