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Snow Job

Edward Snowden former NSA contractor leaked information that the US was spying on some European Union member countries. Now which European Union member country does not spy on the US?

4 thoughts on “Snow Job

  1. Does that make it right…hum..people forget the government is ourselves ..for all intent snd purpose except when it comes to spend the money we put in the fat piggy bank.. then it belogns to the highest form of corruption also known as the head of the government. ..The spying part iis used to manipulate into getting others to join in attacking the more vulnerable countries in order to steal their resources…just another form of modern piracy ..except not necessary at sea but from time to time this route of course is also utilized….

  2. Whoever it was that got anyone to believe that the use of the digital media is private did the “snow” job!

  3. Over simplification? It is also about spying on ordinary people about invading privacy- not simply collecting data that you put out there for everybody to see if they so chose.
    Even if the digital age and the internet has virtualy negated privacy as we once knew it, there should be limits regarding how governments violate us – they have constitutional rights and human rights to honour.
    People should understand this, know this and respond to this.
    The point of people having guns was not to protect against crime and shoot each other, but that government would not be the only sector in society that has guns
    … hmm- now government will exclusive access to information, secretly so while telling us about dignity and rights, soothing us while it monitors the mood of the people and wipe out potential leaders for change before we melled the coffee?
    How would your films and photos benefit social awareness and and drive change if the agents for change are all neutralized?
    So we will all just be slaves; be reduced to imobility by digital shackles?

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