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St. Louis Grammar School Mokola Ibadan

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Sr. Dympna Drury from Ireland founded St. Louis Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan. In its 48 year history, St. Louis Grammar School, Ibadan, has admitted over 13,000 girls. Since the government take over of schools from missionaries, St. Louis Grammar School has grown to include two junior schools.

They are presently headed by Mrs. Aderonke Ibitoye for Junior School 1 and Mrs. Lara Adelaja for Junior School 2. | #JujuFilms #StLouisGrammarSchool #Mokola #Ibadan #Nigeria #Africa

2 thoughts on “St. Louis Grammar School Mokola Ibadan

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  2. Happy founders day to one of great school;Up school,Up St.Louis.St.Louis is the greatest,no controversy.
    Oh st.louis ibadan school of learning and of happiness,school of good,old traditions,in study,in play,in decipline we are first.
    Sister Dympna Drury our founding mother,who relentlessly work to prepare us for the society.

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