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Billion Naira Home

At the end of my unpaved street in (Gwarimpa Abuja, Nigeria the largest residential estate in Africa developed by the Gen. Sani Abacha government for civil servants) sits a house valued at 450 million naira. On the next street is another house with a great big roof valued at 500 million naira. Both homes are owned by the same dude, not sure if he is a civil servant.

Now you might ask why will a dude sink almost a billion naira on 2 personal homes practically on the same block. Simple, that kind of thinking is made possible by those educated fools in the Goodluck Jonathan cartel that make sure this dude doesn’t pay property tax. So as oppose to building a billion naira factory in Gwagwalada manufacturing computers in Nigeria he would rather spend it keeping civil servants homeless in Gwarimpa.

Am talking about those fools that keep hookers at the Nicon Hotel, Abuja for years at obscene cost to the people.

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