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King Man

King Man

I told her I am a king. She said am now in America it does not apply, am only a king in “Nigeria or whatever part of Africa am from’. The miseducated sister gave the automatic response of “why do all African men think they are kings?”

I enlightened the sisters that when you are born and raised a king no matter what corner of the planet you are, you are always a king.

Am amazed at the number of sisters in Los Angeles I have come across lately who believe they are better than women from Africa by default or some logic that continues to baffle me. They misunderstand the respect, patience and love the African queen has for her king as maybe sub servant or unequal. This is an impression that I think is based in stereotype.

This sister actual told me to go back to Africa and eat my fufu with my ten wives. I told her the last time I heard that kind of talk was from an ignorant sister in Atlanta in 1999. I was at an ACE check cashing off memorial drive in Decatur when this sister got irritated with me cause she could not spell my name correctly next thing she was telling me to get on a boat back to Africa.

I could not imagine taking a boat to Africa which I tried to make her understand. Before long she started crying called her supervisor on the phone all this while she is safely tucked behind bullet proof glass. Anybody who walked in would think I was robbing her without a gun.

Imagine me fending off 6 angry drunk sisters at a Super Bowl party. I was amazed at the level of emotion I invoked from these sisters just for believing in who I am. They believed I was arrogant, I wasn’t falling all over them just because they are African American. The rest of the ladies had to hold back the host who felt she had never been this insulted in her 38years, while she was contemplating throwing her drink in my face or kick me out of her apartment. She choose to go in her room and cry instead.

By this time I was wondering what the hell was going on and found myself checking for the exit. I truly believed the rest of the ladies would turn their ire on me when I refused to apologize to the host. I learnt a long time ago never to say sorry when I have done nothing wrong.

The crazy twist about this night was when I arrived at the Super Bowl party all 6 sisters were throwing themselves at me, telling me how much they adore African men whatever that means. Before I split the scene I told them a king will always pick his queen never the other way.

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