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This might sound silly to some but to others a no brainer. A simple idea that many have died for. So here it is, every state in Nigeria should self sustain. Which means the people of the Niger delta have the right to self determination.

If the Niger Deltans decide to pave their streets in gold from their petrol naira that is their destiny. I don’t see a patriotic duty in preaching 160 million people share one destiny. Neither should I from Ibadan be entitled to the oil in Goodluck Jonathan’s backyard.

In the same spirit Goodluck Jonathan in Aso Villa has no moral authority to determine how he and his cronies spend the petrol naira from the Niger delta. Makes as much sense as me believing I am entitled to my neighbors water hole just cause we are both Nigerians.

In reality that kind of thinking will land me in many jails, except in the federal government of Nigeria where stealing is by nature

Do you know why the Niger delta can’t be like Texas? Very simple, it is the same plan they used to acquire Manhattan from the natives and the same one Fela talked about in ITT ( International Thief Thief)

The main objective is to control all your assets. To do this American and European oil merchants make sure the educated fools in the Nigerian government are under their total control.

Crippling the petrol refining industry, converting the electric sector to a continued criminal enterprise by creating a market from the sale of generators, petrol, diesel and other carbon emitting petroleum products. They scream global warming in the west and hurricanes from the Atlantic coast of West Africa.

Left in the aftermath of this conspiracy is a crucial conflict with calculated results. The Royal Niger Company formed by the British to exploit the created entity of Nigeria.

Fishermen yesterday become terrorists today. Writers become activists and are hung. Homelessness, starvation, murder becomes the normal. Polluted rivers and creaks, polluted air and water. Still the shadow criminals stash their dollars, pounds and euros in overseas assets.

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