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Ada – Deidei Lumberyard & Sawmills – Deidei FCT Nigeria

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It is easy to steal money from Nigeria. These politicians are hardly rocket scientists. Although you will find them calling themselves Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Honorable, Chief and more.

It is also very easy to flee the country with stolen money, which is why you see corrupt politicians and their friends and family cartel away billions from Nigeria in Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags and luggage.

Since these guys used zero brain power to steal easy money you can hardly expect them to spend wisely. They lavish it on expensive homes, bank accounts and foreign taxes in Malibu, Central Park, Beverly Hills, Potomac, Bethesda / Chevy Chase, Kensington , Chelsea, Knightsbridge.

You will never catch them dead building schools and factories in Nigeria except at their funeral parties.

Ogbeni Ayotunde