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False Prophets

Some pastors in Nigeria claim they can cure Ebola, another unimaginative way to monetize misfortune. They prey on the poor and miseducated exploiting them for fame and fortune.

The Nigerian Federal Police and the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has just cause to arrest and prosecute these false prophets for fraud. Those who follow these false prophets blindly are not victims but Muguns.


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Ted Cruz Cleaning The Plantation of His Masters

It is common knowledge that people who have that “inferiority complex syndrome” will obsessively mirror those they admire the most, they would also go all out to disparage them. You see they lack confidence.

Let’s take Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, he has spent his whole life running from who he is, his heritage. In my language we call such a person “Omo Ale” in English a bastard. You see he is not comfortable in his own skin.

So with all his Ivy League education and senatorial job which was given to him by the same extremists that are busy plotting to deprive his people of their basic rights as Americans. Does preaching ideals of these men who persecuted his people, my people and the natives 250 years ago the American dream. You see that doctrine is dead.

Does shutting the government down so Americans can’t get affordable healthcare a noble fight. Does championing the ideals of a racist group make Ted Cruz white? In the black community we call such a person a “House Nigga” an “Uncle Tom”. You see they lack vertebrae.

As a Nigerian I know that we are exceptional people. We are exceptional cause we are confident in who we are, we are a proud people. So Ted Cruz took a direct swipe at a 175 million Nigerians when he said President Barack Obama hired “Nigerian email scammers” to run Obamacare.

Ted Cruz held a gun to the head of the American people while the Tea Party robbed them. You see he is what we call a “mugun”

Ogbeni Ayotunde