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Muhammadu Buhari & Yemi Osinbajo (Kaduna)

Muhammadu Buhari & Yemi Osinbajo (Kaduna)

All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate Muhammadu Buhari and his VP runningmate Yemi OsinbajoKaduna, Kaduna State Nigeria


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Buhari Got Next

The writing is on the wall, Goodluck has run out of luck, the corrupt ones are already shaking in their leather slippers, I am proud to be one of the millions working to elect Muhammadu Buhari the next president of Nigeria. For the first time in Nigeria’s political history poor and average citizens are donating money and volunteering for the Buhari presidential campaign as oppose to the usual practice of politicians buying the peoples votes. Ogbeni Ayotunde #JujuFilms