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Shackles On My Mind

It is claimed out of the mouths of fools, babies, idiots and madmen comes truths and wisdom. So let’s take a madman like Donald T Sterling who spoke the truth the way he saw how successful Black people don’t reach back to empower their community.

When the general public heard the TMZ released recordings the culture automatically reacted with the “taking the fight to the messenger” approach. His peers fined him, forcing him to sell his business and subjecting him to a public flogging for his bad behavior, thoughts and language. This a man the NAACP were busy washing and kissing his feet and on his way to receiving his 2nd lifetime award. Yes two lifetime awards to a man many in Los Angeles County knew for who he is.

As a culture we now subject people who speak their minds to such public lynching, yet we are forced by law to live by the ideals and principles of the “Founding Fathers” who were, international slave owners and traders, pimps, pushers, rapist, organized criminals and documented racists.

Still no one has accused Donald T Sterling of being a liar, yet he has being vilified for speaking the truth the way he sees. You see I myself for the moment was guilty of getting caught up in that lynch mob mentality because as Black people we are still fighting for equality and view such racially charged condemnations collectively as a setback to the struggle.

You see Mr. Sterling’s sentiment is the result of a culture built on inequality. The Slave Manual, from the House to the Field Nigger chapter and the Civil Rights initiative of equal but separate.

There is Oprah Winfrey who has had billions for several years, how many other billionaires from the Black community did Oprah make? How many young Black people is she saving from certain gun deaths in the streets of Chicago with her billions?

Then there is Aliko Dangote the richest Black man, how many other young Nigerian billionaires came up through him, how are his billions helping to rescue the kidnapped girls from Chibok. The same goes for Folorunsho Alakija the richest Black woman, where are other young Nigerian women in her billionaire’s circle.

The richest Black man and woman are from Nigeria, with the mass population living in extreme poverty many in conditions unfit for farm animals, plus living under the terror of Boko Haram. The worst possible human crimes inflicted against children in the world today are committed in Nigeria.

There is Bob Johnson founder of BET, how exactly has he helped to reduce the poverty in the Black community or reduce the crimes inflicted on the Baltimore African American community.

There is a long list of wealthy African Americans who have not constructively used their wealth to empower the Black community including and not limited to Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Puff Daddy, Will Smith, the freshly minted billionaire Dr. Dre and Jay Z who recently had to have Solange Knowles slap some blackness back into him. Mind you they all made their billions on the backs of the Black community but now surround themselves with rich White folks believing that is the only way they can hold on to their riches.

Donald Sterling does not consider the Jews a minority group. He believes Jews are empowered because they reach back and give back to empower their community. You see that is what Mr. sterling was saying to Magic Johnson. Frankly Donald Sterling viewed a racist by the general public makes him or me no bother.

Magic Johnson investing in a movie theater in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles and a couple of Starbucks in the hood is just what it is, investments. Magic Johnson did not invest in the hood to empower Black people, the fact is Donald Sterling made his billions in the hood off the backs of Black people the same way Magic Johnson is making his millions. The difference here is that Donald Sterling is making the argument that he is giving back more to the African American community than Magic is. He is right to an extent because the NAACP must have recognized that to award him two lifetime achievement awards. – @OgbeniAyotunde

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Black Mathematics

Donald T. Sterling should be applauded for waking the American consciousness. It is a fact that African Americans are the largest consumer group in America, but what is never mentioned is the fact that African Americans are also the largest producer group. With the combination of the resources on the African continent, Black people are the world’s largest resource.

As in Africa, African Americans do not have control of their destiny. So what makes Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks any different from Donald T. Sterling or the treatment Micheal Jordan received at the hands of Abe Pollin and Jerry Reinsdorf. African Americans are still making billions for characters who see them lesser than dogs. | Ogbeni Ayotunde