Igbo girls motorcycling in Obolo Village, Enugu State, Nigeria. #JujuFilms

“I must be honest….. Africa has been a continent that seldom attracted my interest, visually, artistically, culturally or musically, and it is probably the last place on earth that I have wanted to visit. UNTIL…. I came across your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exquisite photos, interesting videos, and a remarkable information center. You have enlarged my world by an entire continent. You have presented it so beautifully without glossing over the realities, and without bending toward stereotypes. Thank you Thank you Thank you for enriching my life! Kudos for a wonderful blog!” – Graphicmatrix

“You guys are awesome! Documenting Nigeria, all of it…not just some of it.
Well done!!!” – Obisco1

“Wow…what powerful statements in here: “what are the chances of Akintunde a Danfo driver in Ibadan ordering his new living room furniture from Ikea” and especially the closing question. Thank you for informing readers about this situation, Ogbeni.” – Steph Glaser

“Whenever I am feeling sad from some small inconvenience, I will think of you and this Blog and be grateful for my many Blessings. Thank you for sharing this with a world often without a clue.” – Gator Woman

“I have to let you know, the more I go through your content the more I enjoy it. The snippets of African life are amazing. The ordinary aspects of life, especially in Nigeria, such as a tea maker on the street, or children paying their teacher before class begins, captures hidden gems of ordinary life. Thank you for making this media available. Regards, Uwera  P.S. Would love to have JuJu films guest blog.”

“After the incident in Nairobi, it’s very saddening to hear of this attack in Nigeria. Especially in light of the fact that this carnage has been continuing for a long time now. These kinds of attacks must be condemned in the loudest language and their instigators too. However, it is the individuals and not the religion that make it bad. Islam is the religion of peace, but crazy fanatical believers are using it for their own gain!” – gnovember

“Great photo! You really always give us a great internal view of Africa, its culture and typical real daily life!” – geoch1

“Love your photos and writing. Such a sense of place. I’m going to India next month and will take plenty of pictures, but they won’t even be in your league” – Southern Belle Goes AWOL

Juju Films is an original multimedia content production and distribution company. Established in 1992 by Ogbeni Ayotunde in Studio City, California, based on his vision and passion for quality production and delivery of original content. As a global publishing enterprise we offer an impressive catalog of quality original content and in all areas of our services our subscribers gain insight into the African culture and people unedited.

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