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Fulani Cattle Herdsmen App.

I am currently developing the beta version of an application that is designed to protect the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle herd. 
  Fulani cattle herdsmen are being labelled killers and terrorist even by our mainstream media. This is a ploy by a few bad players to destroy our beef supply and capitalize through the importation of cattle feed and the eventual high cost of beef.
Nigeria does not farm to feed livestock, we only farm for human consumption so best believe Nigeria will soon be dependent on cattle feed importation and the market price of beef will be artificially set by these importers.
Our beef will go the way of electricity with the importation and dependance on generators.
The Fulani just like the Maasai in Kenya have been herding cattle for thousands of years producing some of the healthiest beef in the world.
Nigerian beef is one of the healthiest in the world due to the method of grazing utilized by the Fulani for thousands of years.
Ranching our cattle as suggested will lead to disease and the use of antibiotics and steroids to keep them “healthy”
Remember for many decades we have been eating genetically engineered American chicken. 
With the invasion by the American fast food industry like KFC and Dominos Pizza our food source is getting dangerously unhealthy everyday.
Is it far fetched that we will be eating Texas Longhorn beef soon.
I have chosen 9year old Adamu a Fulani herdsman to implement this beta program. We will be selling 20 calf, 10 males and 10 females @N50k in Nigeria or $150 for overseas buyers through PayPal and other payment methods.
Adamu will be equipped with GPS tracking cameras to collect data on his grazing patterns. Cattle owners will get 24hrs real time online access to their investment.
This app will be distributed to every Fulani cattle herdsmen creating a network providing valuable real time resource.
This program is designed to make the general public stakeholders in this industry before it is hijacked by a few bad players.
For further details I can be reached on +2348025883710 on leave your comment or questions in the comment section.

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  1. Encouraging to see technology being used to protect traditional ways and help people. WIll be good to see how it grows.

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