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Is 9year old Adamu a Fulani terrorist? 

They make you believe 9yr old Adamu is a terrorist. When you are thousands of years deep and the Americans bring in terrorism. 

 So Fulani herdsmen became terrorists overnight? 

2 thoughts on “Is 9year old Adamu a Fulani terrorist? 

  1. That child ain’t no terrorist. The ones calling him one are.

  2. Logical questions to ask. Who are the ones that gave Adamu the cattle to watch? A vulnerable young boy has to be sure that the cattle does not get missing so he must have a back up person(s) helping to secure the cattle. Whose farm or produce are the cattle feeding from? Who is responsible for damages the cattle create in farms, how is the conflict resolved.

    Adamu might not be a terrorist but the people behind him might be if anything happens to the cattle. period!

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