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The Usual Suspects. 

So I took a red eye flight Monday on British Airways from London to Abuja. It was booked solid in first, business and economy class by Nigerians.
Then the announcement for inflight shopping came on the PA system warning us at the end of the sales pitch that they would be needing additional identification like a passport from those who decide to use their credit cards to make a purchase. The implication clearly is that Nigerians are fraudsters who would use fake credit cards to purchase overpriced merchandise on British Airways.
Just so you know such an announcement will never be made on a London – Los Angeles or New York flight.
Forget the fact that Nigerians filled the seats and the London – Nigeria route is one of the most lucrative for British Airways. 
This made my blood boil. Either my fellow Nigerian passengers were not aware they were just insulted or we have become desensitized to insults from white people after all US President Trump said we live in shitholes
In the same breath the attendant asked us to donate our spare change to educate poor Mohammed in Ghana. Why is it when white people claim to be helping Africans they are actually insulting us? – @OgbeniAyotunde

6 thoughts on “The Usual Suspects. 

  1. Hi Juju films,
    Thank you for speaking out about the obvious class-ism and racism on that BA flight. I have been following you for years on WordPress and always enjoy your pictures and thoughts. Thanks, Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, I totally appreciate you!

  2. Hi Juju, I, too, have followed you for years. But I must speak up here…why do you assume this announcement comes from ‘white’ people. The person who instigated it might be a British/African; a British/Indian; a British/Carribean; British/Asian. The point here is that, sadly, fraud in Nigeria is rampant. Read this article that has nothing to do with ‘white’ people: Check out this story: Things Fall Apart from Flipboard.

    I appreciate your documentation of Nigeria. It is outstanding body of work.
    Thanks, Lesley

    1. Peace Lesley, thanks for your support, truly appreciated. Why is your first instinct to defend the white man and doubt the accuracy of my account?

      Yorubas have this proverb “Iroyin o to afoju ba” which means there is no news like an eyewitness news.

      What are the odds that British Airways has a black senior executive who created a policy that discriminates against his own people? A House Nigger??

      My statement is not an assumption but a fact based on hundreds of years of British racist actions against Nigeria and what I witnessed.

      If a woman reports rape against a white man should the police first investigate if the rapist is really a white man and not a black man?

      So every Nigerian should be assumed credit card fraudsters while the white man should not be assumed as racists and given every benefit of doubt?

      Should I go around calling every white person thieves, rapists, mass murders, slave traders, war mongers, pillagers and pedophiles for what they did and continue to do in Africa?

      How about what the white man did to the native Americans. How about the Germans? Are they all Nazis??

      Then again this is nothing new, blame the victim, never mind that Nigerians paid their hard earned cash to fly British Airways then you want to insult them into buying overpriced third party merchandise on the plane.

      This is the kind of arrogant reasoning that makes BA believe they are doing Africans a big favor by having us donate our loose change to send Mohammed to school in Ghana.

      How about all the fraud the British perpetrated on Africans?

      Thanking you

      Btw I did read Things Fall Apart and every book written by Chinua Achebe in high school in Nigeria

  3. Hi Juju, I have followed your work for years and appreciate the documentation of Nigeria. I admire your commitment.
    In your comment you assume that the announcement was due to a ‘white’ person. But possible the regulation may have been put in place by a British/African or British/Indian or British/Caribbean or British/Asian. The regulation is put in place because of the bad credit history that, unfortunately pursues Nigeria’s reputation. But really, is it fair that a person buys something and then does not pay for it? Everyone who has a credit cards pays the price for those who are fraudulent. This issue here isn’t racism, it is about business ethics.
    What do you think of this article?

  4. check out:
    Clif Denley
    Head of Central Finance at British Airways

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