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If Wilt Chamberlain was alive today how many women would be accusing him of sexual assault? #MeToo

“If Wilt Chamberlain was alive today how many women would be accusing him of sexual assault?” I posed this question on my Facebook page and here is the responses I got.

Jacqueline Tackaberry MANY FROM LA WEST !!!!! And IF YOU WERE A VICTIM of which I AM !! And others!!
I can tell you a TRUE STORY OF FACT !
In 1986 I worked as a cocktail waitress on the Beach in MALIBU!! And WILT was there about every day!! He was BFF with the owner!
He was ALWAYS A HAPPY JOVIAL GUY ! And the owner FAVORITE PIES were “LEMON MERINGUE “ ! So, the owner sent a Cocktail waitress out to “THE VAN” to help bring in the pies!!
The Restaurant was GLADSTONES 4 FISH !! Sunset and PCH ! Still there!
Well, I got chosen to help with the pies that day. And when you got in the back of the van to get pies !! THAT IS WHEN IT HAPPENS!!! And it is VIOLENT, PAINFUL AND HUMILIATING!!!
I have come out because of #metoo movement! Only because I WAS OFFENDED TO POLITICISE SUCH A PERSONAL MATTER!!! Because I certainly couldn’t say a WORD because I would have been FIRED!! And we made A LOT of money! I was to go to College!! And work part time and after that I had another incident (car accident) happen & I just was really messed up with ALL OF THIS!
Another cocktail girl I did tell in a whisper KNEW !!!! And YEAH I was NOT THE FIRST!!
I recently told this !! And a woman contacted me through FB !! And we spoke! I heard my story EXACTLY!!! Except hers was at his Estate off Mulholland Dr !! And I am SAYING IT IS VIOLENT AND TERRIFYING 😢💯☝️
And YEAH #metoo!! AND HER AND MANY OF US OUTA 20,000 😡

Jacqueline Tackaberry


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