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Can Nigerians afford to eat Longhorn and New York steaks after Keteku Cattle and Fulani Herdsmen are eradicated from Nigeria?

Cattle (Picture of The Week 03-27-15)

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) destroyed the Nigerian poultry industry when they introduced genetically engineered chicken injected with antibiotics and hormones as replacement for native breeds of fowl.

Nigerians are forced to eat these genetically engineered chicken known locally as “Agric”, abandoning native fowls even though the general public and government are aware these chickens are not safe for human consumption.

Native Nigerian Fowl Eggs
Native Nigerian Fowl Eggs

They are injected with hormones to make them grow faster and bigger in a very short period of time and antibiotics to keep them alive.

These chickens are unable to metabolize the antibiotics and hormones injected in them during their short lifespan leaving the consumers to metabolize them. Eating “Agric” chickens results several ailments including men growing breasts, obesity, birth defects and cancer.

Obese Nigerians and Americans are mockingly called “Agric” because they overeat and are usually too big for their age just like the chickens.

The fast food industry in Nigeria today is on steroids where American style fast food restaurants like Mr. Biggs are marketed to Nigerians as fine dining. KFC is the industry leader.

KFC Ibadan
KFC Ibadan

These restaurants are feeding a junk food addiction created by Americans. The effect of American junk food on the Nigerian population is a rise in cases of chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cancer.

Mr. Biggs, Enugu
Mr. Bigg’s, Enugu.

The America healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are making record profits from the problems they created in the food industry. The US government spends over $150billion every year on related medical expenses.

Is the Nigerian government prepared to deal with the pending healthcare crisis created by the Americans in Nigeria?

Fulani herdsmen or Fulani pastoralists are nomadic or semi nomadic people who started migrating from the Senegambia region into Northern Nigeria and assimilating into the Hausa culture around the 13th or 14th century.

The Fulani pastoralists started driving their cattle into the Middle Belt lands inhabited by other ethnic groups during the dry season when the tsetse fly population is low and returning North when the rain season begins.

Their migration pattern that sometimes had their cattle grazing on farmlands and destroying valuable crops has become an ongoing source of violent clashes between farmers and pastoralists.

In 1978 the Nigerian federal government stepped in by enacting a land use Act, which gave the state and federal government the right to assign and lease land.

This Act gave indigenes the right to apply for and be issued a certificate of occupancy to claim ownership of their ancestral lands. The Act also gave Fulani pastoralists the right to apply for certificate of occupancy for lands on their grazing routes.

This Act I believe did not go far enough in addressing the problems of the Fulani pastoralists but rather placed them in a difficult position. The Act was too complex for the Nigerian government to successfully implement, as it did not account for the nature of nomadic people.

The Fulani pastoralists rightly did not apply for certificates of occupancy for lands on their grazing routes, a complex plan that would result in encroachment of the lands due to constant human cross migration. To settle nomadic people is to destroy their culture, traditions, way of life and eventually the people.

Today the Nigerian government’s solution of ranching cattle herds and designating some land as grazing routes is a plan done under political pressure and not a practical solution as it has not reduced the clashes between pastoralists and farmers. It is no different from the 1978 Act.

Ranching Nigerian cattle would mean teaching the Fulani pastoralist new methods of breeding cattle and to abandon centuries of tradition, they will never summit to that.

Ranching Nigerian cattle would disrupt the current business model, culture and tradition of the cattle industry in Nigeria. The Nigerian government I believe is rushing to implement the USDA model, which is an industrialized corporate farming model not suitable for Nigeria.

Ranching Nigerian cattle would create a demand for manufactured cattle feed which the Nigerian farm sector is not prepared for. This would eventually create a demand for cattle feed import and an increase in the price of beef. In Africa people farm to feed people not to feed livestock.

The Nigerian government is in the process of creating the same kind of mess they created in the petroleum and energy industries in the cattle sector.

The Nigerian government created and subsidized a petrol importing industry. The government also created a robust government protected and subsidized electric generator industry, systematically crippling the energy sector.

The most damaging and lasting effect of ranching Nigerian cattle is giving the American pharmaceutical industry a VIP pass to conduct all kinds of tests and genetic experiments on Nigerian cattle eventually destroying the Nigerian beef industry and leaving Nigeria with a health crisis in the aftermath.

A “Grazing Superhighway” should be created for Fulani pastoralists to preserve the cattle industry and culture of the people. I am currently developing an app that would enable Fulani pastoralists navigate this “Grazing Superhighway”

Fulani pastoralists do not inject their cattle with antibiotics, hormones or steroids just one reason why Nigeria produces the healthiest beef in the world.

Nigerian beef can be displayed in an open market all day without refrigeration and does not easily spoil because of the way Fulani pastoralists have raised their cattle for many generations.

American cattle are raised on industrialized ranches, where the cattle are injected with antibiotic, hormones and steroids. They are fed manufactured cattle feed sometimes mixed in with ground beef for “protein”, cannibalizing the animal leading to mad cow disease.

American beef is processed in large factories where they are injected with preservatives to keep them looking big and fresh. It is no wonder American beef is sold with special handling instructions and warning labels.

Fulani cattle pastoralists are caught in the middle of a political, capitalist and class warfare stoked by anti Islamic sentiments that feed off the ignorance that every Muslim is a terrorist.

Make no mistake about it this is a continuation of a war against the Muslim north by am Islamophobic Christian south. They disrupt the economy, culture, people and food source then hand the spoils of the war to their American masters.

They distribute vile images depicting “Muslim” men doing outrageous things on video. They publish fake articles on social media platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp some claiming the Fulani are selling human meat as beef.

They have also blindly implored Nigerians to boycott beef. Really? The poor and hungry people should starve to feed the rich and full?

Remember when Trump told African leaders his friends are getting very wealthy from Africa? – @OgbeniAyotunde





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