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When has the sheriff ever been able to arrest the banker? – @OgbeniAyotunde

Jeff Sessions

1 thought on “When has the sheriff ever been able to arrest the banker? – @OgbeniAyotunde

  1. If this is regarding Sheriff operating over Americans, they cannot uphold what we have thought is their oath and duties because their oaths make protecting the courts their #1 priority. #2 priority is to expose and take out anyone in their demographic who appears to be a trouble maker. Considering all the courts are a bank for the government, to take down a banker would probably be considered a conflict of interest against keeping “national security.” Therefore, arresting bankers (and judges) might be treason to the District of Columbia (United States Inc.) I’m not guessing about the cause but am guessing about the effect. Really, there is no Sheriff in America that is not a slave of the District of Columbia. (Same with legislature, BAR, JAG, etc.) There is only Sheriff of the Washington D.C. corporation that is one with Vatican City and London; an tribunal entity that has made all of us “citizen” slaves living outside their district. A very little spoken about fact is that the Supreme Court is a separate branch from the rest of the government. And its courts are “running” the show. And its courts are banks. So D.C. has incorporated the States, too, and by now have probably taken over most counties, in order to administer their unlawful banking operation. That’s my two cents, if you are talking about U.S. Sheriff.

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