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Why isn’t anyone talking about the 300 Nigerian students who were kidnapped last year by Boko Haram?

5 thoughts on “Why isn’t anyone talking about the 300 Nigerian students who were kidnapped last year by Boko Haram?

  1. politics using events like nigerian students or fly mh370 and lots more…
    just for themself and not at all for humanity…

  2. Interesting question, why don’t we ask the new leader of Nigeria that question? Did he not go telling master Kerry that he would do a better job than Badluck last year? Did the Americans not refuse to provide helicopters and other survelialance equipment due to a lack of trust between Nigeria and US?

    We also have to ask the question, who benefits from Bogus hArse in Nigeria? What resources lay in that area? What foreign interests is buying land or showing interests in the area? What local crook has been bought off to look the other way whilst these bogus thugs displace villagers? How much would I have to pay a poor, desperate local to join this bogus gang? Who stands to gain by displacing the locals? Who stands to gain by the presence of jihadis?

    I will assert that “terrorism” can serve the interest of the state. Do you note the laws and changes in the west (US, UK, France, Belgium) after every incidence of an attack? Note how quickly France got to Mali?

    The only flaw in my skepticism is, how do they compel, force, coerce girls/boys to blow themselves up?

    [finnk] is sick of savages destroying lives. Did Obama and Hilary not destroy Libya? Who is voting for that savage female dog Hitlery in 2016? So much more could be said…

  3. there’s this theory that no school girls exist and there was never a kidnap. These theorists also claim that it was all a propaganda to frustrate the government of GEJ.

    1. Am not for sure the Nigerian political machine is that sophisticated to hatch such a conspiracy. Remember Sira, GEJ kept pushing the panic button that Boko Haram had infiltrated his administration.

      Fine how do you get the parents of 300 girls to conspire to fool the Nigerian public, the First Lady of the United States, the Nigerian and International press?

      All GEJ had to do was produce the school enrollment and registration records of the students. So GEJ was either too scared to ask the right questions or too stupid to know the right questions, I believe both.

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